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presentation contains seven different styles of my paintings. The techniques or materials change. The inspiration remains the same. It's all about manipulating the materials to achieve the desired effect: the sublime. - Roy Lerner

Critic and curator Karen Wilkin noted in one of her essays about Lerner's paintings:
"For every elegant, lyrical abstraction dependent on staccato drawing, subtly inflected surfaces, and delicately orchestrated color, there’s a brash, street-smart picture constructed with deliberately uningratiating HUES and abrupt, overscaled gestures. And for each of these disparate examples, there are still other completely unexpected efforts, ranging from the playful to the frankly outrageous, in which disjunctive, rhythmic patterns and energetic calligraphy compete for attention with all-over expanses of iridescent, shifting CHROMA. And more."
[click here to read the entire Karen Wilkin essay]

Arts writer, critic and curator Laura Cherubini notes in her essay on Lerner's 2008 Spoleto Exhibition:
"...these paintings begin with the creative fury of the artist and complete themselves in the eye of the beholder."
[click here to read the entire Laura Cherubini essay]


While each painting is approached as a unique exercise and various attributes or themes may appear balanced within a given painting below are links to pages with images roughly grouped by dominant stylistic themes. Some groups ("physical", "gestural") might be deemed more central to Lerner's overall style while others ("shields & columns", "screens") show some of the more experimental variations that the painter explores and to which he returns on occassion.

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Roy Lerner

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